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“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets” ~ Oscar Wilde

Destination Diary

Discover Your Personal Style and the Confidence That Comes with It.

Not all of us can stay in one place for too long. There is so much more, out there to experience, explore and enjoy. Pump yourself up, pack your bags and let’s get moving!


Destination Diary

Start checking off your lists, count countries because it’s a vacation and planning it shouldn’t be stressful. 

Wanderers like us, need more to breathe- we can’t survive on just Oxygen. But figuring out the whole trip is a tiring task. We know what it’s like for you to plan a trip, because we have done it too. It’s expensive, time consuming and worrisome for many. We are here to make it easier for you. We are a blog that focuses on making your exploration safe, memorable and comforting. We understand what a traveler needs, whether you are a solo hiker or looking for a spiritual enlightenment or packing bags with your entire neighborhood- our blog will help you with every type of travel that’s on your bucket list.

Destination Diary helps you snap each piece of the puzzle into place and brings you one step closer for your next big trip! Whether you are deciding on where you want to go, or still scrolling down on the best stays, we have got ideas to cover you up!

Travelling makes us feel young again, and everything feels like kismet!

Enough about us, now go and explore our guides for your next journey!


Destination Diary


10 Enchanting And Most Colorful Cities In The World

Sometimes artworks are places we feel and not objects we touch! We’ve searched wide across the globe and far to bring you the 10 most colorful cities in the world.


10 Best Packing Tips For Travel: Packing Tips To Make Travel Easy

To your rescue, here we’ve compiled a fantastic yet 10 best packing tips for travel that will make your journey easier and vacation unforgettable!

Best Travel Essentials, Essentials when travelling, travelling necessities, Travel Essentials List

14 Best Travel Essentials You Should Never Leave Home Without

Whether you’re packing for your foreign trip or a long flight, there are some best travel essentials you should never leave home without-

10 Underrated Cities in World

Top 10 Most Underrated Cities In The World

From Valparaiso to Budapest, the World is full of intriguing offbeat places worth exploring. 

Destination Diary

Top 10 Unexplored Places in India

At the time when holidays are already at your door knocking thrice- don’t you think you should already start packing your bags?

Destination Diary

10 Effective Ways To Survive A Long Haul Flight

Whether you are embarking on a journey for a nine-hour jaunt to Europe or packing your bags to travel on the world’s longest

Save Money for Travel

12 Tips On How To Save Money For Travel

It’s not super easy to plan on how to save money for travel to visit your dream destination.

10 Tips to Survive a Road Trip

10 Tips To Survive A Road Trip

Car drives can get you to places where flights can’t get you, and road trips are often cheaper than flying. 

Destination Diary

Top 6 Unexplored Wildlife Sanctuaries Of India To Visit

Witnessing the wild species in their natural habitat is a fantastic feeling, and many of us love that!


8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Save Money on Solo Travel

Solo traveling can be liberating and fun! You get to pick your destination (without asking for suggestions


Top 6 Unexplored Destinations in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is known for only the popular places of India  Check out the most unexplored destinations in Uttarakhand.


10 Successful Tips on How to Plan a Group Trip with Friends

Traveling can be a ton of work, whether planning a group trip with friends or packing your bags to travel solo. 


How to Plan an International Trip: 8 Tips To Plan One!

Well, knowing how to plan an international trip is something we all get stuck at! Not anymore, check out these effective tips to travel international.

Arunachal Pradesh

Top 5 Tourist Places In Arunachal Pradesh That You Must Explore!

India has a plenty of known and unknown spots to visit, and Arunachal Pradesh is a savoring hill station with imbibing simplicity and serenity.


10 Effective Tips on How to Plan A Vacation On A Budget

With a little plan on budget and researching, your trip can be more fun and memorable. with the best 10 tips on how to plan a vacation on a budget, we have made vacation much effortless for you.


10 Cheapest Places To Travel In The World: Budget Destinations 2022

Packing up your bags for cheap places to travel is the ultimate goal of every budget traveler because the splendor of pocket-draining destinations has its appeal everywhere around the globe. 


10 Workable Tips On How To Stay Healthy While Travelling

 You finally get to plan and go on that fantastic holiday that you have been planning for a long time- but then you end up coming back with a severe cold or “I’m not doing food anymore” stomach!


8 Best Weekend Getaways From Mumbai To Plan A Memorable Trip!

There might not be any specific reason to land in the city of dreams- Mumbai. While so many of us find ourselves in Mumbai for work and the rest of us to make our dreams come true


Top 8 Best Waterfalls In The World: You Should Visit These Wonders

Each year, many people traverse to these best waterfalls in the world- only to witness the magnetic power of water plummeting from over a cliff’s edge touching down the earth below.

Best Adventure Sports in India

10 Best Adventure Sports In India For The Adrenaline Junkies Out There

Whether it’s east-west or north-south, India’s vast range of geographical diversity offers a wide array of extreme adventure and sports- check the list of crazy & best adventure sports in India.

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